Kid size your sweatshirt

Kid size your sweatshirt

April 28, 2017 0 Comments


 upcycling an adul swearshirt



- Men's sweatshirts (XL) (I used two to combine different colors)
- Sewing machine or serger

Bodice and Sleeves:

Cut off all the seams of the sweatshirt, fold front and back pieces in half and lay them out flat. Pin the pattern to the fabric or use some pattern weights. Before cutting remember to ADD SEAM ALLOWANCES ( mine are 1/4"). 

cutting out the pattern

      1. Place front and back right sides together, pin and sew the shoulder seams. 
      2. Grab the sleeves from the old sweatshirt, lay out the sleeve pattern and cut out the new sleeves. To cut one of the sleeves, remember to place the pattern facing down.
      3. With right sides together, line up the center of the sleeve with the shoulder seam and pin. Then pin the edges and keep pining toward the center. Do the same for the other sleeve.
      4. With front and back sides together, sew the underarm and the side seams.
sewing bodice and sleeves


      1. One of my old sweatshirts had a turtle neck, so I decided to recycled it for this tutorial. Making a turtleneck it's really easy. First, you need to measure the neckline curve of your design. Add seam allowance to that measurement (mine was 1/2").
      2. Then, draw a rectangle, the length will be the measurement of your sweatshirt's neckline and your height will be the double of your desired height for the turtleneck.
      3. Once you have drafted this rectangle, fold it in half, right sides together, matching up the raw edges. Pin and sew. The seam allowance for this seam will be 1/4". We added 1/2" to the neckline length before, and now, we need to divide it by 2 to maintain the same measurement as the neckline length. 
      4. Fold the turtle neck in half wrong side together and turn it upside down. Slip it over the bottom of your neck, lining up the raw edges. Pin and sew.
      attaching turtleneck

      Waistband and cuffs

      1. If your old sweatshirt has waistband and cuffs, cut them off and use them. If not, fold a piece of fabric of your old sweatshirt and draft three rectangles using the stretchiest direction of the fabric. Choose your desired length and height to do the waistband and cuffs. 
      2. Once you have cut the pieces follow the same steps than before.

      sewing waistband and cuffs


      Now you have a new sweatshirt and new pattern from an old garment!! You can make different variations of this design!

      upcycling clothes

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