Refashioning kids old leggings into harem pants

Refashioning kids old leggings into harem pants

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upcycling old leggings into harem pants

Hi, today I want to show how easy and fun it is to upcycle clothes. This tutorial is designed for a size 2, but you can apply the technique for larger sizes. We are going to refashion an old pair of leggings into new harem pants. For this project, you will need to download the Free Harem Pattern to create the main piece of the pants and old leggings. We'll use them to make the sides.


- Old/thrifted kids leggings
- Old/pre-loved XL or larger adult stretch knit polo.
- Serger or a regular sewing machine with a stretch/jersey needle
- Scissors
- Pins


1. Print and tape the pattern. Cut out the size that you need. PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS 

2. Unsew the waistband of the leggings and take out the elastic. Keep it for another upcycling project!

3. Cut the bottom of the leggings (2" down) and don't throw them! We will use them later to create new cuffs. 

cutting the bottom of the legs

4. Fold leggings in half and make sure that the crotch seam is completely flat. Place the front pattern on top of your leggings. If the waist of the pattern doesn't match the waist of your old leggings, you can adjust it raising or decreasing the waist of the pattern.

We are going to remove the crotch of the leggings, so the bottom of the crotch seam must be flush with the bottom of the leggings. Trace and cut down the length as shown below. 

cutting the crotch of the leggings

 5. Cut off all the seams of the polo shirt. Fold the front and back in half and lay the patterns out flat. You can secure them with pins or pattern weights. Cut out the pattern pieces. 1/4." seam allowances are included in the pattern. 

laying out the pattern

6. With the pieces inside out, sew them together. Make sure you sew the front piece of the pattern to the front piece of the leggings and the back piece of the pattern to the back piece of the leggings.Finally, sew the crotch seam. 

Attaching front and back pieces


If your knit polo has a waistband, you can recycle it. If not, use the knit fabric from the polo. Remember that the stretch of the fabric runs parallel to the floor. 

Cut out the waistband following the same technique as we did before:

-  Fold in half the knit fabric

-  Lay out the pattern

- Cut it out.

Fold the waistband in half (right sides of the fabric facing). Sew the raw edges together to create a loop. Once the loop is sewn, fold it in half again (right sides facing out).

sewing the pieces

With the pants still inside out, turn the waistband upside down (raw edges at the top) and align with the top of the pants. Pin together the center front, center back and sides of the top of the pants with the waistband. Since the waistband is smaller than the fabric, stretch the waistband as you go to fit it in between the pinned points.

 Sewing the waistband


Grab the bottom of the leggings that we cut before and insert them inside the ankle of the pants, matching up the raw edges and sew, lightly stretch the cuffs to fit the pants ankle. 

sewing the cuffs
Turn the pants inside out and you're done!! Now your kiddo has new harem pants!! :)

harem pants from old leggings


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