How to draft your first pattern

How to draft your first pattern

April 21, 2017 0 Comments

When I started sewing clothes, one of my favorites things to do was to deconstruct old garments to check how they were put together. This way is great if you don't mind to taking it apart. But, if you want to keep them there is another method that you can use. 


- A kid garment (in this tutorial I'm using a long sleeve T-shirt - size 3)
- Paper sheets
- Tape
- Cutting mat
- Ruler
- Pins 
- Pencil

Use wrapping paper or tape together a few pages of used paper. I always try to recycle, so I usually draft my patterns with old papers.
Place it on top of the cutting mat, fold in half your garment and lay it out on top.lay out the pattern


Before start drafting, check if the front and the back armscye have the same shape or not. If you are using a loose garment probably will have the same curve, but if your clothing is more fitted, maybe you need to draft two different curves.

Trace the center, the bottom, the side seam, the back neckline and the center front neck. Remember to add about 1" to the bottom if you want to hem it. In my case, I added a waistband.

  1. To trace the armhole's and front neck's curve, we'll use some pins. Be sure that the underarm and the side seam are completely flat.
  2. Following the seams, pin through the fabric and the paper. Then just connect the holes with a marker pen. drafting the bodice


    To draft the sleeve, follow the same steps. Once you've drafted the patterns, it's time to true them up. 

    tracing the sleeve


    1. The bodice and the sleeve armhole's need to have the same length. Measure them to be sure.
    2. Connect the front and the back pattern pieces together at the side seam. If your curve doesn't have a flat transition (looks like mine) draw a smoother curve.
      truing the pattern

       IMPORTANT: This pattern doesn't have seam allowances, remember adding them before cutting out the fabric.

      Now that we had our pattern ready, it's time to SEW A NEW GARMENT! 


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